Gone are the days when greenhouses were simply glass houses used to grow crops with a lot of heat or water. We make intelligent greenhouses all over the world that combine sustainability with a very clever economic yield.

We let the crop decide what’s best for the plant and for profits. Ingenious software and sensors look after both the condition of the crop and the business objectives of the horticultural entrepreneur. The visible condition of a plant is a result of what it has been through in the past. Growth, threat of disease and water intake are therefore monitored and recorded continuously so that the grower can gain new and unique insights.

We are developing new technology for use in greenhouses, such as covering materials, water treatment, energy technology, big data applications and robotics/mechatronics. The development of horticulture technology always takes place in collaboration with suppliers and greenhouse builders, knowledge providers, local organisations and growers. 

We provide answers to global issues surrounding clean water: decreasing emissions of nutrients and pesticides in ground- and surface water, availability of sufficient fresh water for food production and other purposes and reduction of the water footprint.