The Netherlands is a world leader in the cultivation and breeding of crops. Fruit, flowers and vegetables, all components of a normal healthy diet, are derived from starting materials which the sector breeds, processes, multiplies, cultivates and supplies.

Plant breeders ensure that products improve, generate better yields and are more resistant to drought, insects, fungi and diseases. This is crucial for global food security. In Kenya, for example, the ‘smart’ Dutch potato offers a nutritious alternative to maize, rice and wheat. Less water and fertiliser is required for cultivation and it is more resistant to climate change.

Green genetics

The horticultural sector offers green genetics, which involves concentrating primarily on improving crops for (animal) food, bres, fuel, ornamental flowers and enjoyment. The green genetic revolution consists of investigating and using the natural genetic variations in vegetables and other crops. This allows us to deliver sustainable solutions to the worldwide demand for stable and high-quality crop yields.

Seed valley

Seed Valley refers to the area in the province of North Holland. This area is home to dozens of companies active in de fields of plant breeding and seed technology. Specialists develop the 'green software' that determines the colour or size of a flower, how a tomato tastes and whether lettuce is resistant to diseases. Companies in Seed Valley export seeds and associated technology to customers all over the world. They contribute to a healthy and flowering world. Together they form a succesfull, challenging and high tech industry.