Trade, sales, and processing

Providers of logistical services

Each day, the companies that trade fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, flower bulbs, and trees ensure that they work with providers of logistical services to deliver the right amounts of the right products at the expected level of quality at the right time to domestic and foreign buyers. Each day, the logistical process is faced with the challenge of connecting supply and demand.

Connecting supply and demand; a daily challenge

Processing, sorting and packaging

The Dutch fruit and vegetable processing industry is an industry that processes fresh vegetables and fruit into long-life consumer products. Each year in the Netherlands, millions of kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables are processed by Dutch manufacturers in the processing industry. In addition to the processing of fruit and vegetables, this includes sorting, cutting, and packaging the products as well as the machines needed to do this.

These companies are our top players

Agricultural attaché network
Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo
Dutch Flower Auctions Association
Flower Council of Holland
Fresh Produce Centre
Greenports Nederland
Nederland Distributieland
Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Royal Anthos
Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
Transport en Logistiek Nederland

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