Technology & IT

Each greenhouse is tailor-made

All over the world, the Netherlands builds intelligent greenhouses and cultivation systems that combine sustainability with a profitable yield. Plant growth, the threat of disease outbreaks, and water intake are continually monitored and recorded, thanks to ingenious software and sensors. This data offers new and unique insights to growers, so that they can optimize their crops. The sector is developing new greenhouse concepts for a number of climate types and is a leader when it comes to implementing new technology in greenhouses such as greenhouse casing, water treatment, energy technology, Big Data applications, and robotics/mechatronics. Dutch companies are also leaders in developing mechanisation techniques for outdoor-grown crops.

Dutch greenhouse builders travel across the world

Efficient and sustainable

Information and communications technology (ICT) plays a crucial role in organizing the Dutch horticultural chain in an efficient and sustainable way. Timely availability of the right information in the right place and making intelligent use thereof promote sustainable cultivation, good product handling, food safety, cost savings, and efficient transport. This reduces waste and improves communication with consumers regarding the utility value, quality, health, and sustainability of a product.

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