Dutch approach

The golden triangle

Each day, Dutch horticulture works to find solutions to social challenges relating to horticulture, nutrition, and the green environment.

Entrepreneurs, the education system, research institutes, and regional greenports and government work together to make concrete contributions to the global challenges we face. As a production chain that includes seed breeders, greenhouse builders, vegetable growers, and technology suppliers, the sector has a great deal of influence on food, energy, and climate. Fighting hunger. Providing solutions to climate change. Produce more with less. Making the world a better place. Each day, the sector works towards these goals.

The Netherlands is the global leader in horticultural innovations

Solutions to global problems

This cooperation promotes the development of the entire Dutch horticulture cluster and gives it a top position on the international stage.

Both Dutch companies and knowledge and research institutes are among the best in the world and are known for their innovativeness and technical excellence.   This makes the Netherlands an excellent place to be for technical solutions to challenges facing society today.

Global challenges, Dutch solutions

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