Greenports Nederland

Greenports Nederland is an umbrella network organisation for horticulture. Greenports Nederland represents cooperation and wants to achieve breakthroughs and acceleration on themes such as climate-neutral horticulture, modernization of production and logistics, and healthy cultivation, consumption, and labour.

Visitor’s address Louis Pasteurlaan 6, 2719 EE Zoetermeer
Postal address Louis Pasteurlaan 6, 2719 EE Zoetermeer
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Telephone: +31 (0) 10-3076794

Top Sector Horticulture & Plant source materials

Top Sector Horticulture & Plant source materials comprises all production chains concerning plants in the horticultural complex and, for the plant source materials, the entire plant horticultural and agricultural complex. This means that the top sector consists of the plant source materials, production (greenhouses and open ground) and the companies in processing, supply, trade, and distribution. It is a broad sector with sub-sectors including vegetables, fruit, trees, flowers, and bulbs. The plant source materials sector concerns source materials such as seed potatoes, young plants, and sowing seeds.

Visitor’s address Malietoren, Bezuidenhoutseweg 12, 2594 AV The Hague, the Netherlands
Postal address Postbus 93002, 2509 AA Den Haag, The Netherlands
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Telephone: +31 (0)70 349 03 01


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